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The Trition 90 Classic, a highly regarded speargun model, is purposefully designed for shallow stalking and cave fishing. Its ergonomic design ensures effortless maneuverability, enhancing the user’s experience even in challenging underwater conditions. With a strong emphasis on functionality and performance, the Triton 90 delivers exceptional durability and features a variable weight system. Spearos can rely on this speargun for consistent performance and durability across various underwater environments.

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Equipped with two 14mm rubber bands and a 6.5mm 115cm spear with double barbs, the Triton 90 provides exceptional power and accuracy for successful hunting. Additionally, its 45m 1.5mm line reel capacity adds convenience and versatility to the spearos’ fishing adventures. The Triton 90’s carbon fiber body, with a built-in magnet, not only makes it easy to use but also ensures long-lasting durability.


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