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Triton 90 Inverted Roller

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The Triton 90 Inverted Roller is a high-performance speargun designed to meet the needs of experienced spearos. It incorporates top-of-the-line components to deliver superior performance. The inverted system of this speargun ensures a virtually recoil-free shot, resulting in improved precision, increased shaft speed, and extended effective range. The carbon fiber body of the Triton 90 Inverted Roller provides extreme rigidity and precision, making it highly durable for demanding use. The speargun also features a built-in magnet, which enhances usability and enables quick reloading. All components of the inverted system have undergone extensive testing to ensure the selection of high-quality and durable materials. This includes rollers and pulleys equipped with special brass sliding bearings. The compact carbon fiber housing not only contributes to the overall sleek design of the speargun but also enhances its performance. The rubber band positioning has been optimized for optimal performance. The first band loading point is positioned towards the rear, allowing for a rubber stretch of 92cm. The second band loading point is specially designed to accommodate a single piece of rubber band, facilitating easy loading, increased stretch, and a higher stretch factor. The Triton 90 Inverted Roller is equipped with a 7mm 115cm shaft featuring double barbs. The speargun comes with a 19mm first band and a 17mm second band of rubbers, but it is also possible to request two 16mm bands instead of the 17mm band. This speargun is specifically designed for hunting large fish species using techniques such as waiting in shallow waters or stalking in moderately visible water.

Triton 90 Inverted Roller

When properly rigged in an inverted speargun, a pair of Bi-Pulleys allows for mounting 6 rubber bands. Each tri-Pulley can withstand up to 300kg of force while carbon fiber holds the weight down, making it an astounding 40% lighter than its competitors. The reduced weight in rigging translates to significantly more power being transferred to the spear, giving you a distinct advantage during your dives.

The Delrin with 30 percent glass fiber rollers further enhances the Bi-Pulley’s resilience, ensuring they resist the wear caused by Dyneema rigging, preventing flat spots that commonly occur in the plastic rollers of regular pulleys. The inclusion of sliding bearings on the inside ensures smooth movement, minimizing friction and allowing better energy transfer

They are sold in pairs, providing a complete solution for your speargun setup.